Sks type 56 magazine conversion

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sks type 56 magazine conversion

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Part Key: 2C. Piston Extension Product : Part Key: 3. Part Key: 4. Part Key: 5. Part Key: 5A. Front Sight Seat Product : Part Key: 6. Handguard Catch Product : Part Key: 7.

Best SKS Magazines – 2020 Ultimate Review

Part Key: 8. Bayonet Screw, New Reproduction Product : Bayonet, Spike, Carbine Product : Part Key: 9A. Bayonet Handle, Used Product : Part Key: 9B. Part Key: Hold Open Latch, New Product : Trigger Guard Latch, Used Product : Housing, Rear Product : Remove any ammunition from the weapon if present, and pull the charging handle to the rear. Visually inspect the chamber to ensure that no live ammunition is present. Rotate the receiver cover latch upward.

Apply forward pressure against the receiver cover. Pull the cover pin to the right as far as it will go. Slide the receiver cover to the rear and off of the weapon. Remove the recoil spring assembly from the bolt carrier. Pull back on the charging handle and remove the bolt and bolt carrier.

Separate the bolt from the carrier. Rotate the gas cylinder tube lock upward. This is located on the right side of the gas block underneath the rear sight base. Maneuver the gas tube lever toward the stock. Remove the gas tube and slide off the gas piston. Stand the gas tube lever straight up. Slowly remove the short gas rod plunger and spring. Withdraw the cleaning rod. Depress the plunger located at the bottom rear portion of the trigger guard. Lift the barreled action up and out of the stock.

Take off the spring and bolt catch. Separate the magazine catch from the trigger group. Do this using a flat metal file or rotary tool with a grinding wheel. Line up the top of the AK magazine with the bottom of the bolt. Ensure that the magazine's forward edge is in line with the bolt face. Mark the magazine width on the bolt. Dress up the bolt and remove any burring with abrasive paper.

Remove the magazine feed rails.

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Insert the magazine into the frame and check your work. Continue removing the material until the frame accepts the new magazine.

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Fit the key stock onto the receiver at the point where you just filed. Hold the key stock in place. Check to make sure that the magazine fits. Weld the key stock in place. Dress up the weld to be flush with the receiver bottom using the rotary tool and sanding drum.

This forms the new magazine stop. Fabricate the new magazine catch out of the flat bar stock using a mill and rattail file. Install and check the new magazine catch for a proper fit. File additional material as need until the new magazine catch fits precisely.

Reassemble the weapon.

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Related How to Disassemble a Mossberg Disassembly Step 1 Remove any ammunition from the weapon if present, and pull the charging handle to the rear.Throughout global war history, firearms like the AK were weapons of choice to equip a mass of poorly educated soldiers.

But the Russian army, mainly consisting of conscripted illiterate peasants, acquired the tradition of making cheap, rugged, simple to use, effective weapons for more than a century now. Today, the SKS is an incredibly popular rifle due to its inexpensive price and widely affordable ammunition. Buying surplus military firearms is generally an excellent investment, for both financial and practical reasons. Of course, we must not forget that these guns may have historical significance or collectible value.

sks type 56 magazine conversion

Before transforming a humble soldier's carbine into a modern semi-automatic rifle, there must be some core featured involved in the design. The replacement stock should be of high-quality materials, with the ability to last for several years regardless of heavy use in harsh environments. The quality of aftermarket stocks mainly depends on the variety of materials used for construction. SKS with synthetic stock source.

Therefore, ignore models that come with low quality material, and look for top-notch components complemented by a professional finish. Since the replacement stocks vary in design and price, our overview aims to help you know the best quality SKS stocks.

With plenty of reviews surveying, you can still get an aftermarket SKS stock that is cost effective and affordable.

As a result of the most advanced technology, different SKS stock designs range from traditional, wood crafted hunting furniture, to synthetic or hybrid. We should also look at advanced configurations like a folding or AR-style collapsible stock, or at one setup that transforms SKS into a space-age bullpup weapon.

In the next sections, we will present to you several highly recommended SKS stocks with great design, high durability, and superior resilience. In a word: no. Some stocks will be fixed stocks while some others are either collapsible, foldable, or even adjustable.

Some stocks feature recoil pads that are a bit thicker. While all stocks have the same intent and purpose, the littlest of details often make an immeasurable difference.

The following is a list of the four best SKS stocks that are currently on the market. As you read through the list, be sure to think of a stock that might be considered your perfect match. What does it look like? How does it function?

How to Convert a Norinco SKS to Accept AK Mags

When you make a note of the features and characteristics of each one, you may come across a stock that fits your ideal description. A lot of recent buyers say that this stock was really easy to install and also easy to adjust to ensure that their length of pull was perfect for use. One user said that he was able to adjust it to his best length and also get a good number of recoil reduced shots out of his SKS.Last updated: July 5, Please be aware. We are the original designer of these 'systems'.

We are also the only authorized distributor of our systems in the United States. Do NOT buy from them. They are NOT the real deal.

Be careful of these. Please lets us know of any Company trying to sell our products. Thanks, Marcus. Please contact us with your specfic requirements. It has taken us a while to incorporate the changes. We will begin testing week of July 6, Thanks for visiting our website! We have developed three systems outlined below to do just this.

Are you tired of the " Duckbill " on your SKS magazine hanging up on everything it touches? Disappointed that you can't store your SKS magazines in modern rifle packs, available to transport your magazines easily to the shooting range, field or wherever you are going?

SKS Rifle Parts and Accessories

Or do you just want better functionality of your SKS rifle? With our "G" series adapters you can do all of the above and much more. Using standard hand tools you can transform your SKS rifle system from a well proven, vintage rifle system into a 21st century military carbine without losing it's proven combat effectiveness.

You can order our products directly from the "Products Page". AK magazines will NOT work with any of our magazine adapter systems. We receive many inquiries asking, "will your adapter work with 'AK' mags"?

The simple answer is NO. The AK style mags are too wide at the top to seat properly in a non "M", "D" or "Sporter" SKS Rifle receiver well, without serious machine work to your stock rifles mag well.

Surplus Chinese Type 56 SKS Rifle 7.62×39

We do not recommend doing this to your rifles. Once done, you can NOT return your rifles to their original configuration.

Thanks for visiting our site, let us know if you have any questions about our rifle adapter systems. Marcus Taliaferro. Visitors to our site and counting:.Stay Connected:. Phone Orders Browse by Category. More Details Buy. Please wait. Sign Up For Newsletter. RTG Parts was established to provide increased customer access to top quality military surplus parts, magazines and accessories.

We are proud to offer an extensive inventory of rare and unusual items as well as select new production U. RTG Parts is committed to keeping prices low while maintaining a high level of customer service. We believe we offer the best combination of value and quality found anywhere in the firearms community. Contact Us Quick View. AK47 7. AK74 5. AK 5. Barrel Components. Bolt and Recoil Assembly. Buttstock and Hardware.

Grips and Hardware. Handguards and Hardware.We have added some rifles back into stock on our website. These rifles are a mix of mostly Grade B with a few Grade C. There is a limited supply of these available. These rifles came out of Albania, and 20 years ago would put them in that part of the world for the Kosovo war. T here is trench art and writing on some of these rifles that it is written using the latin alphabet, not Chinese characters.

These are true military surplus rifles and they are in battlefield turn in condition. Expect the stocks on these rifles to have marks, scratches, gouges, dents, bumps, bruises, discoloration from years in cosmoline, and other assorted military use wear. Stocks may have cracks that can be repaired, all stocks should be shootable as they were checked by the importer before being shipped to us.

Look at our grading system for more information. We have had some rifles with some rust on them, with rust or freckling under the stocks. A small number of rifles were missing the trap door in the butt plate.

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Cosmoline: These rifles were in heavy cosmoline and I mean heavy cosmoline. We cleaned up the exterior surfaces of the rifles so they can be handled, as we sell them locally, and at gun shows in VA. The interior and outside of these rifles will still have cosmoline on them. If you do not want to clean up cosmoline, these are not the rifles for you!

Please keep this in mind when ordering, these rifles will need to be taken apart and cleaned thoroughly. These rifles will all need to be taken apart and cleaned thoroughly before firing. Also please remember that an SKS has a free floating firing pin, which can cause slam fires if the firing pin is stuck in the outside position. This is especially important with an SKS as slam firing 10 rounds in an unsafe direction can be catastrophic.

We recommend you have your rifle checked by a competent gunsmith before firing. Expect a high percentage of finish, and or a nicer stock than average. Expect a good percentage of finish. Grade B: Grade B is the average grade of this shipment.

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Expect either a cracked stock, and or a high degree of finish loss. Back to Surplus Firearms. Long Guns. This is a serialized firearm, and must be shipped to an FFL dealer.

sks type 56 magazine conversion

Email: ffl dkfirearms. McGhee — October 15, Very nice examples of a great piece of history. Stopped in at DK last week to see these rifles and was able to hand pick my own rifle out of a group of about The only difficult part was being able to keep myself from buying 2 of them. They have plenty of 7. Anonymous verified owner — November 1, First purchase and not my last. Purchased the SKS. Was shipped very quickly.It is a great addition to the SKS without taking away the mil sure look.

Simple and effective. Kivaari trigger — The SKS trigger pull tends to vary depending on the individual rifle, however if you are a proud owner of a SKS with a poor trigger pull then having the trigger reworked can do wonders for the shootability and accuracy of your weapon.

He has put together some information on the SKS trigger here. Spring loaded firing pin — The firing pin on the SKS was built to stand up to military ammo with hard primers. Commercial grade ammo that you purchase today have softer primers and are therefore prone to slam fires. To alleviate this issue a spring loaded firing pin can be used to soften the firing pin blow. This will require some filing and modification to the factory wood stock, but the reviews for the magazine have been very good, as expected with Tapco.

Recoil pad for length — From an accuracy standpoint, one of the complaints is the length of the factory stock. Adding a recoil pad for the purpose of increasing stock length and reducing shoulder pain is a commonly recommended change. Clean bolt — It is easy to assume that if you purchased a clean SKS that the cosmoline was also removed from the bolt, but one should not take the easy way out. Remove your bolt and shake it.

You should hear the firing pin rattle. Disassemble the bolt and boil the components in a mixture of Simple Green and water for an hour. Put it back together and check to see if the rattling ensues upon shaking. Bed the Stock — The receiver of your rifle being loose can cause slight movement that will affect the accuracy of your SKS.

Using a product like acraglass is the recommended starting point to getting rid of these movements. Be sure to follow the directions because the process gets messy, literally and figuratively. Re-Crown the Barrel — This should only need to be done if the end of the barrel is corroded or has been abused. Doing this to a barrel that needs it will improve accuracy. You can find more about it here. Quality ammo can help you increase accuracy and enjoy your shooting experience.

As far as Combat Knives are concerned. Both are top notch brands and while not Russian, will surely be a quality addition to your collection to use alongside your SKS. Check out our list of the best combat knives.